16 New Colors!

In the works! 16 new hand painted threads from Connie Pickering Stover.

Finding My Balance

While I stitch each 6″ square of needlework I recognize that they are truly like life rafts that help me keep my balance and safety.

Needlepoint or Fiber Art?

It was inevitable that the question of what I call my art would come up sooner or later – and it did.

My Internet Went Down! – Yipeee!

Since I’m a website designer – my real job – the internet is my lifeblood. So today, after struggling with my internet connection for three days – it finally went down for good. I had wait for a few hours for Cox to come out and then wait for a few hours while they fixed it.

Introducing: Christine Mauersberger

Christine’s work is work is primarily about hand-stitching, which is near and dear to my heart. The first time I saw her amazing work I knew we were kindred spirits in that we love the process and beauty of hand made stitches.

“After Gees Bend” Project

“After Gees Bend” was a project years in the making. I followed the women of Gees Bend and their breathtaking quilt designs for over 10 years. I just couldn’t get enough of their bold attack on design; making un-square squares, crooked angles, mismatched patters, and daring leaps of imagination that created quilts that are now museum quality works of art.

The Big Bang: Finished

This was a project I didn’t want to see end. It constantly kept my mind busy and continually stretched my imagination.

The Big Bang: Keeping Your Balance

A trick to maintain balance in the overall design is to “break out of the box” for more visual interest. In other words, don’t contain every detail within your frame.

“Finished & Framed”

Complete Needlepoint Kit


Available for Purchase