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Contemporary Abstract Encaustic Art


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CONNIE PICKERING STOVER, Contemporary Abstract Encaustic Artist

Connie Pickering Stover

Conversations with the Universe Series

Listening. Living. Channeling Hope.

castle spring main encaustic

Yellowstone Series

Laughing geysers, that dance in the sun, and spread their robes like lace over the rocks”

Harriet Monroe

Noticing Life Series

There is beauty to be found when we practice noticing in our everyday lives. I live a life of constant curiosity.

Mini Gems Series

Gems are not just rocks and minerals. Gems can be found in people, too.

My art is an expression of the things that connect us. My lines, gouges, scratches and marks connect the stories and elements of my life to those of my artistically creative ancestors who, I believe, have always guided my life choices.

Connie Pickering Stover


My Background

As a self-taught artist, I am best known for my intuitive abstract work which is executed through the challenging mediums of encaustic and watercolor paintings. For many years I worked in the fiber arts, where I exhibited, won awards, and taught nationwide. Story-telling through abstracted forms and dynamic colors has long been the focus of my work no matter what medium I am working in. My career as a graphic designer and business owner have spanned all the technological progressions in the graphic arts industry from early hot-lead production through to the digital age.

encaustic medium


My Medium is Encaustic

First, I paint abstract watercolors which act as a framework for my final hot wax (encaustic) overpaintings.

Encaustic painting medium originated with the ancient Greeks over 3000  years ago. It is a technique in which colored pigments are mixed with  hot beeswax and damar resin.  Each layer of hot wax is “burned  in” to the previous layer and there is no limit to the number of layers  that may be used to create a piece of art. This process produces  paintings with visual depth and color clarity.


My Inspiration

A profound awareness of my ancestral connections triggers an emotional response too deep and mysterious for words. For me, art-making is a creative process of finding the yet-undiscovered pieces of my story. My private vocabulary of marks, scratches, and gouges give voice to that story. The lines of my work represent the familial lines that connect me to my artistic ancestors going back at least seven generations. Creative expression through writing, music, sculpture and painting continue through the next generations – my son, cousins, nieces, nephews, and grands continue to connect us to our ancestor’s artistic journeys.