keeping my balanceIt’s a beautiful Sunday morning in April and I’m beginning the process of recovery and discovery. Widowhood is not what I thought it would be at all.

I surely didn’t think that I’d find light a joy so soon, but that’s the amazing thing about humans … we’re not predictable, and our paths through grief isn’t either.

While I stitch each 6″ square of  needlework I recognize that they are truly like life rafts that give me time to think, meditate, appreciate the world around me. Needlework gives me permission to sit on my patio garden and feel the sun on my shoulders and just absorb the colors around me. I am absorbing peace.

You might think this time is a luxury you can’t afford, but I don’t think so. After all, I’m being productive, aren’t I? Not that my goal is to be productive. But, it’s nice to know that this peaceful time produces something I can feel proud of and helps me move my craft forward while giving me the space to reflect on life’s mysteries.

I don’t feel alone because he’s here on the patio with me. He’s admiring my work and we have such great conversations. I know that my work will help me keep my balance.