spontananityOne of the challenges to freestyle needlepoint is that you’ll need to plan ahead without looking like you planned ahead! Because “freestyle” does not mean “without planning,” it just means that when the viewer looks at your piece they can’t immediately figure out how you actually did it!

In example #1 (arrow above) you’ll see that I took advantage of the diagonal line that went through the area to stop my small blue square. I left an “opportunity” for completing that thought by taking it in a new – yet-to-be-determined – direction. So I completed that part of my design by leaving yet another opportunity (see example #2) at the bottom of my outlined square.

In completing the outline of the square, I left the box open at the bottom so that I could bring another aspect of the design “through” the box creating an over-and-under visual.

The completed design is shown in example #3. By planning for spontananity I was able to create movement, layers, and an eye-bending visual experience.

Note: In example #3 you’ll see how I used my drawn scribbles as just a guide for direction of the finished design, but I basically ignored my lines.

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