The Big Bang

The Big Bang

Status: Sold

Big Bang beginning

Starting the Big Bang Project

The thing I love about Freestyle Needlework is that I am continually inspired to play with color and experiment with textures as I work the project. In this series of blogs I thought it might be fun to show you how I get started and some of my thought process along the way.

My newest project is called “The Big Bang”. [READ MORE]

Big Bang

Plan for Spontaniety

One of the challenges to freestyle needlepoint is that you’ll need to plan ahead without looking like you planned ahead! Because “freestyle” does not mean “without planning,” it just means that when the viewer looks at your piece they can’t immediately figure out how you actually did it! [READ MORE]

Big Bang

Keeping My Balance

Well, in just a few more week I should have this piece completed. But I need to keep a sharp eye out for those elements that could really throw the balance of the final piece totally out of kilter. The placement of objects, textures, colors, design, and the telling of the story all have to balance out in the end. [READ MORE]

detail2This was a project I didn’t want to see end. It constantly kept my mind busy and continually stretched my imagination. I truly loved meeting the surprises and challenges along the way and now I’m happy to share the finished product … now on to the next one!