No Boundaries

By Connie Pickering Stover
Completed: 2009
Finished size: 13″ x 13″

Status: Sold

Canvas size: 18 stitches per inch
This piece was created entirely in the basket weave stitch.


The needlepoint journey that led me to No Boundaries was filled with years of interpreting other designer’s work. This is my first “break out” piece and I found it so amazing to be able to express my own design ideas that I was permanently hooked! Never again would I follow someone else’s design.

I wanted to play with the idea of spontaneity and let the design develop on its own as I chose colors almost-randomly from my stash. I also admired how experienced quilters would play with fabrics to create the illusion of light and color changes that look transparent. So I incorporated those ideas in this piece by creating boundary boxes that let the design show through – as if the boxes were transparent and translucent.

The total freedom of expression was addictive and I have never looked back.