Connie Pickering Stover

“And Still the Birds Sing”, which was created on the first day of Russia’s war on Ukraine. (sold)

Connie Pickering Stover is a self-taught artist best known for her intuitive abstract work which is displayed through the challenging mediums of encaustic and watercolor painting. She is also well-known for her years of work in the fiber arts, where she exhibited, won awards, and taught across the country. Over the last several years she was finally able to focus on her life-long passion for encaustic art and watercolor painting.

Story-telling through abstracted forms and dynamic colors has long been the focus of Stover’s work. “My art is heavily influenced by the recognition that our world is but a tiny, precious dust mote in the Universe and the story of how humanity takes care of our rare place among the stars begins with how we take care of each other and our planet.”

Connie moved from Phoenix to the Ann Arbor, Michigan area in 2015. She took the position of Executive Director of the Chelsea Area Historical Museum where she won a grant to design the museum’s five historic exhibit rooms and employed her love of story-telling through its well-executed exhibits. Her careers as a graphic designer and business owner have spanned all the technological progressions in the graphic arts industry from early hot-lead production through the digital age.

She has since retired and now paints full-time, is Treasurer on the board of Huron River Art Collective, and enjoys inviting her artist friends to paint with her while enjoying the outdoors on her art-friendly covered porch and studio.