Connie Pickering Stover

Artist Profile

My creative spirit runs deep. I always knew I had to be an artist. After all, records show that my artistic DNA has been around for over seven generations in my family.

My artistic influences started in grade school when my father’s beautiful drawings and paintings sparked my interest in drawing. (To this day we still have amazing paintings that he did as a child of 14!)

In my last years in high school I majored in art under the tutelage of nationally-known Philadelphia artist, George Douris. Artistic inspirations continued as an adult with my travels to at least a dozen important museums here in the U.S. and all over Europe. Those excursions have sparked my life-long experimentation in many art mediums. My connection to my artistic heritage has taken many turns – but it always showed up in my professional life as an entrepreneur and business owner in the graphics arts industry.

I have since retired and happy to say that I am finally, a full-time encaustic and watercolor artist.

Story-telling through abstracted forms and dynamic colors has long been the focus of my work. My art is an expression of the things that connect us. I’m most often conscience that my lines, gouges, scratches and marks, connect the stories and elements of my life to those of my artistic ancestors. Those connections continue to guide my art.