Hand Painted Threads & Needlepoint SPRING 2018 RETREAT

with Connie Pickering Stover

April 13-15, 2018  |  Chelsea, Michigan

“Finished & Framed”

Complete Needlepoint Kit


 Explore the possibilities of your natural creativity.


No Rules – No Mistakes – No Judging – No Boundaries!

NO BOUNDARIES! is a unique and totally different concept from other traditional styles of needlepoint expression.

In traditional needlepoint, teachers and stitchers highly value regularity and strive for perfection within each stitch: if there is an irregular pattern or a twist in the thread, it is considered a “mistake” or “flaw”.  NO BOUNDARIES!, on the other hand, puts much more importance on free expression and experimentation than on perfecting stitches.

Join Connie Pickering Stover and needlepoint canvas painter, Liz DeVree on a new adventure of exploration and surprises that will expand your needlepoint vocabulary. You’ll learn techniques that you can add to any canvas you tackle — make them truly your own. Learn gilding, “misty canvas” effects, color blending, and so much more!

Set in beautiful, historic Chelsea, Michigan, this SPRING 2018 NO BOUNDARIES! needlepoint retreat will delight you at every turn. Beautiful scenery, inspiring conversations, friendly stitchers, and yummy food are all waiting for you on this unique needlepoint retreat!

Space is limited to eight people so please register now!

Connie Pickering Stover

Connie Pickering Stover

No Rules – No Mistakes – No Judging – No Boundaries!