Mixed media Art

Thread, paper, acrylics, metal, found objects.


Old cars sitting on missing wheels in corn fields. Tractors stopped in their tracks forever. Abandoned farm implements found in plowed fields. Rusted pipes that once carried something important . Massive chains that anchor huge ships. Manhole covers that spell out the town’s name.

No steel or iron forged by man is permanent. Not the metal that forms our transportation, not the skyscrapers of the cities we live in, not the bridges built to carry us from here to there.

But for a moment – just before Mighty Mother Nature reclaims all these things – they show us their rusted outlines to make sure we do not forget their history and that they once had a purpose and were important.

I’m drawn to the colors and textures found in the crusty edges of inevitable erosion. An item that once was is now on its final trip to total disintegration.  But before the metal — forged in fire – disappears altogether, it let’s us know it still has a final story to tell.

I think of rust as nature’s abstract art and my art pays homage to what once was mighty and strong.


Rusted horse trailer (above)

Chelsea manhole cover (below)